Our Story

Out of college, Brandon Trebitowski worked as a mobile engineer for four years before being laid off. In 2012, on a leap of faith, Brandon started Treb Studios. Shortly after, Brandon realized that he had too much work and began hiring and cultivating employees through small and large project successes. After establishing the value and dedication of his team, he decided to rebrand and centralize the focus of the company by rebranding Treb Studios as Pixegon in 2015.

Pixegon is not just your typical code factory. We enjoy helping established companies, startups and individuals, build meaningful software for their businesses. The dedication, care, and innovation of our employees is what make Pixegon a recognized leader in the software development space.

"What sets Pixegon apart and fuels our growth is our dedication to building quality relationships & meaningful software solutions for our clients!"

- Brandon Trebitowski, CEO/Founder

"Choosing Pixegon means more than getting a code factory. We have experience with every stage and level of software development."

- Peter Ziesmann, Client Relations

How we operate

At Pixegon, we believe a strong business relationship with our customers is key to our success. We are entirely flexible to our customersā€™ needs. Whether having a business meeting at a local restaurant, over web conference, or at your local business, we are there to support their needs.

With Pixegon you get to be part of the team and watch as your vision for a product becomes a reality.

Our development process allows for an open dialog between you and our development team. We allow for communication and transparency with frequent but short brainstorming sessions.  At these events you are able to voice your feedback so our team can create exactly what you want.



Our team will build and deliver your product incrementally. This ensures that the project is fulfilling your vision every step of the way. Delivering you a product that is useful, functional, and delightful is our highest priority.