Offload development to our expert team

Save time and resources!

With today's busy world and the hundreds of things we have on our plate, minor bugs, feature changes, updates, implementation, etc. may be the last thing you'd want to divert your attention towards. As you know, development, especially maintenance, can be very time consuming. Pixegon can save you time by using our available talent pool of highly skilled developers to maintain your project and keep it applicable to your demographic or install base. 

What do you do when application development is a must but other projects have a higher priority?

Let's use the following example...

We have generated a visual graph to show the time spent on a median low project based off this Clutch survey:

Hours Spent

252.75 Total hours on a $25,275 ($100/hr) project

Using the visuals above, it is revealed that projects are costly especially around "Infrastructure" and "Features/Administration" of a software development project. 

Using Pixegon will allow you to have a dedicated team of experts you can work with to bring down those development costs and provide better value in return.