Traditional IT is being transformed by Cloud innovations. Pixegon has ground up experience in implementing Cloud Infrastructure to meet technical and cultural requirements. 



12 Factor Applications

A collection of patterns we like to stick to when planning your next Cloud project:

  • Codebase
  • Dependencies
  • Configuration
  • Backing Services
  • Build, Release, Run
  • Process
  • Port Binding
  • Concurrency
  • Disposability
  • Dev/Prod Parity
  • Logs
  • Admin processes


Autonomous Update

We believe in deploying qualified software frequently and easily. Using a centralized mechanism to deploy across an unknown sum of application instances is nearly impossible and just not worth doing. Instead Pixegon CloudOps structures applications such that they update themselves on an as needed basis.



don't reinvent the wheel 

As much as we love architecting new cloud environments, you don't have to re-invent the wheel to work partially in the cloud. Allow our Cloud team to work with your IT personnel and often we can come up with a streamlined approach to working with your data in the cloud that respects your existing systems and processes.