Intel - Intel Corporation

Intel hired Pixegon to build out and maintain one of their internal inventory management systems that spanned Web, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, iOS SDK, Windows Phone SDK, Android SDK, Angular JS, Amazon Cloud Services

The Albuquerque Journal - Journal Rewards

Albuquerque's largest newspaper hired Pixegon to build / maintain their vendor loyalty program.  This is a cross platform application with native iOS and Android applications.  The server infrastructure is built on Laravel and Angular JS

Technologies Used: iOS, Android, Laravel, MySQL, AWS, Angular

Mixonium - Mash Media

MIXONIUM™ is a social media content management platform that allows for the intuitive and elegant co-mingling of multiple file types into a coherent post. The authoring and curation of the posts is made possible on any modern browser, and/or in a native iOS app.

The system is based on a breakthrough "virtual shadow box" technology that makes it simple, easy, and fun to populate compartments with original material or pre-existing assets. File types easily managed into a post include: images videos, .pdfs, audio recordings, geoMaps, web links, advertising animations, 3-D assets, and transaction widgets. 

Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, iOS SDK, Angular JS, Amazon Cloud Services, Elastic Encoder

Companion App - Companion LLC

Companion lets you reach out to family, friends, or your public safety department to have them keep an eye on you as you travel late at night.

Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, PosgreSQL iOS SDK, JQuery, Amazon Cloud Services, Web Sockets, PubNub

Featured in

Business Insider | The Huffington Post | Mashable | CBS News | NBC | Cosmopolitan | Today Show - Faith Comes By Hearing offers mobile access to Scripture in more languages than any other Bible App, and includes dramatized Audio Bible and The JESUS Film Project. READ the Bible, LISTEN to the Bible, and SEE the Bible as never before with anyone in the world. -

Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Angular JS, Amazon Cloud Services, JQuery, Roku SDK, Smart TV SDK, Apple TV SDK, 

Jesus Film Media - CRU

Our team worked with the Jesus Film Media Project to modernize their existing application improving performance and updating the interface to the iOS 7 aesthetic. The Jesus Film app has been installed by over 300,000 users Worldwide! –

Technologies used: iOS SDK

PowerFuel - Desert Fuels 

The PowerFuel application was built from the ground up by the Pixegon team. Desert Fuels hired our team to build not only the mobile application, but a robust REST API for the application to work with. –

Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, iOS SDK, Rackspace Cloud, Python, 

Fitlist - Fitmobi

Fitlist is a beautiful fitness tracking application that Pixegon completed in a very short time frame (under 2 weeks). It was featured on the PickCrew website where Pixegon first engaged with the client. 

Technologies used: iOS SDK


Gravidi is an interactive video platform for iPad. Our team worked with theirs to build a RESTful API, video composer, and consumer facing application.

Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, iOS SDK, Amazon Cloud Services